Monday, November 10, 2014

Guinness Blonde "American Lager"

A friend of mine wanted my opinion on Guinness Blonde.  I wanted to try this at my favorite watering hole, but it ran out on tap.  I did see it was available as a bottle selection, however, I tend to avoid the bottles because I could buy a six pack for the price of two.

I made a stop at one of the many liquor stores in the area, and discovered they have a create your own six pack with two cooler doors filled with beer!  Why had I not noticed this before?  I got a Guinness Blonde along with five of her friends.  I'm a huge fan of Guinness and Smithwick's so I was excited to try a new product by them.

The Blonde is labeled as an "American Lager."  I do enjoy a good lager - with Leinenkugel's being one of my favorite breweries.  Upon my first taste it seemed more like a hefeweizen.  I'm not a big hefe fan.  I let her warm a little,  but really didn't find the experience to improve.       

I can see where people will like this beer - especially those that are afraid of the dark.  If you area  fan of the hefeweizens like Hoegaarden then you will probably enjoy Guinness Blonde.

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