Monday, November 10, 2014

Samuel Adams' Winter Lager

I am a fan of Sam Adams, and even had named my Boston Terrier after him.  I am a fan of the Bock style beers which is the base of the Winter Lager.  On the label it says there is cinnamon, ginger, and orange peel.  Sounds like a nice wintery mix - much better than any snow, sleet, and ice mixtures that may happen.

This is of the build my own six pack that I created.  I usually can't go wrong with a Sam, and I didn't.  However, my unrefined pallet is unable to detect the cinnamon, ginger, and orange that was brewed to make this a winter brew.  Together it is quite tasty.

I'm a frequent visitor to the local Old Chicago, and highly likely this brew will come up on the Winter Mini-Tour and I will look forward to completing this tour at least twice.  This brew may very well be my favorite on the tour.

I've often said I can't go wrong with the Sam Adams seasonal.  Thank you for keeping that a truthful statement.

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